Tips for passing your driving test

Do LISTEN to what the examiner is saying. Phrases they use will help describe the road ahead……..’just round this bend there is a junction’ indicates to start preparing for whatever, as you approach the corner’……Take the 2nd road on the L/R suggests that it is very close to the 1st road……The weather’s taking a turn for the worse, may mean put the lights on, etc

If you are about to miss a turn DON’T make a last ditch attempt to get round. Apologise & ask to take the next one or turn the car round. The same applies if you are in a designated lane that takes you the wrong way, you MUST obey the road instruction, even if it takes you in a different direction to the one you were asked to take.

Do not drive the car in a manner that is harmful to the car, ie. Severe acceleration/braking/cornering, using the wrong gear, DON’T force the car to do something it doesn’t want to, correct it.

DON’T violate any traffic regulations. Among the most common are :

  • Failing to come to a complete standstill at STOP signs
  • Crashing amber lights when you have time to stop
  • Breaking speed limits near changes by slowing down too late or accelerating early
  • Lane swapping & straight lining
  • Going over pedestrian crossings before they are clear
  • Not getting into the right hand lane to turn right out of a 1 way st.
  • Going into the right lane when there are 2 lanes going in the same direction
  • Do not endanger other road users, especially pedestrians & cyclists. When going past parked cars, if there is less than a door’s width SLOW DOWN

If you are unclear what the examiner wants you to do, ask them to repeat it or explain another way, but DON’T ask them how to do something. If you are in a pickle, get yourself out of it in the most convenient and safe way.

DON’T try to drive in a different manner to the way you have been shown. Crawling along too slowly, stopping when there’s no need, will NOT get you a pass, nor will taking undue risks.

DON’T mark yourself. Tut-tuttng or cursing when making a minor mistake will only tell the examiner that you’re not comfortable. Examiners are trained to look at ‘the bigger picture’. They have to decide whether you would be safe driving by yourself. Try to seem confident. Even if you do something you know has failed you, still do the best you can, so you know how good you are & what needs to be done to improve & get you thru.

Keep back from the vehicle in front, especially if it’s a lorry or bus & leave ‘tyres & tarmac’ in jams.

Do NOT force another vehicle to change speed or direction. When coming out of junctions, don’t try to be Lewis Hamilton, but get up to speed quickly

You will be asked to pull over & move off numerous times. ALWAYS check mirrors & signal when pulling in & DON’T forget the blind spot when moving off

Try to enjoy it & think positively, it’s costing you a lot of money, so even if you fail, you must take some positives from it.